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Forsiden Utstyr Optikk Kikkertsikte Zeiss Conquest Mono 10x25 T* - Monokular
Zeiss Conquest Mono 10x25 T* - Monokular (522053)

Zeiss Conquest Mono 10x25 T* Monokular


Med den monokularen/optiske forsterkeren kan du øke forstørrelsen til kikkerten din med 10x. Du fester monokularen på kikkertens okular ved hjelp av en adapterring.
  • Kjønn Unisex
  • Type Kikkertsikte
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Zeiss Conquest Mono 10x25 T*

Med den monokularen/optiske forsterkeren kan du øke forstørrelsen til kikkerten din med 10x. Du fester monokularen på kikkertens okular ved hjelp av en adapterring (selges separat) som passer din kikkertmodell. Monokularen er liten og derfor enkel å frakte med seg. 

Leveres med futteral og nakkerem.


  • Forstørrelse: 10x
  • Linsediameter: 25 mm
  • Utgangspupill: 2.5 mm
  • Twilight factor: 15.8
  • Synsfelt v/1000m: 88 m
  • Subjektiv siktvinkel: 51°
  • Nærgrense fokus: 4.5 m
  • Diopter justering: +/-4 D
  • Prismesystem: Schmidt-Pechan
  • Linsetype: Achromat
  • Vannavstøtende
  • Tåler temperaturer: -20/+40°C
  • Antirefleksbehandling
  • Lengde: 119mm
  • Vekt: 77g
  • Garanti: 10 år

Engelsk presentasjon av produktet: 

Mono 10x25 T*

The Mono 10x25 T* is a handy miniature telescope for when you are out and about. Whether you are on a mountain walking holiday, at the zoo or at the circus, this is always a useful companion. The coated optics ensures high image quality.

Small but powerful

For sporting events, in the theatre or in the great outdoors, the Monos are the masters of versatility, fitting snugly in a jacket pocket or handbag. Depending on the model, they are ideal for use as magnifying glasses or even for binocular amplification. They can turn your binoculars into a spotting scope by tripling the magnification. Even the smallest details can be seen: nothing escapes their notice. They are also useful for long-range observation or the detailed identification of game.

Magnification in miniature format

The Monos have an astonishingly good image capability and a large field of view in the smallest of housings. Their sleek looks are an elegant disguise for what lies within:
the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating ensures high transmission; in other words, it lets plenty of light in. This elaborate lens coating gives you a bright and clear image even in poor light conditions. The housing is splashproof and robust with a firm grip.

Always at hand

Small, light and sporty – the compact Monos are always close at hand in the great outdoors, in the concert hall or at sporting events. They bring details to within arm’s length in no time at all- so you don't miss a single thing. A diopter adjustment is possible to up to +/- 4 diopters.

Close range

The Mono models 4x12 T* and 6x18 T* with their close focus capabilities are suitable for use as a magnifying glass or visual aid and are therefore extremely versatile. This can be of huge practical help if you are trying to make out lettering or reading a street plan or hunting map.

Triple amplification

The Mono 3x12 T* can transform your Victory FL and Conquest binoculars into a high-performance spotting scope in the blink of an eye by tripling the magnification. In the case of alpine hunting, for example, this offers a practical alternative to a spotting scope. The device can be securely fixed onto the eyepiece by means of an adaptor ring, opening up a hugely detailed visual experience. The Mono 3x12 T* can also be used on its own as a miniature telescope or as a magnifying glass at close range. The Mono booster is so small that you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

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