Forsiden SONY God of War Playstation 4
SONY God of War Playstation 4 / PS4 (GODOFWAR)

SONY God of War Playstation 4 PS4


God of War

Spartan warrior Kratos makes his PSP (PlayStation Portable) debut in a totally original adventure..

Set prior to his roaring rampage of revenge in the critically acclaimed God of War, Chains of Olympus chronicles the dark days of Kratos after being deceived into killing his wife and daughter and denouncing his service to Greek God of War, Ares..

Seeking absolution for his sins, the Ghost of Sparta pledges himself as servant to the Gods of Olympus..

Chains of Olympus allows players to explore Kratos' tragic past in a time during his ten years of servitude..

Journeying to shadowy lands including the Gates of Hades and the Depths of Tartarus, facing the most feared creatures of Greek mythology... and confronting a painful choice between his daughter's life and saving the world from Atlas's actions..

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